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8 reviews for MAGIC MUSHROOMS

  1. Kross

    Good for a weekend fun trip.This was a good middle range strain. We will buy these again. They were a little crushed, but that comes with the fact they are mailed out. VERY happy overall

  2. Josh Shawn

    Great product!!!Great for time in the forest. Couple buddies tried for the first time and had a great experience.

  3. Raymond

    Good product. Classic psilocybin mushrooms.Lots of fun!!!Stronger than others. More visual.Highly recomended đŸ™‚

  4. Relindis

    By far the most potent I’ve ever done. A little goes a long way.Good quality

  5. Dalo

    I found these mushrooms quite potent lovely euphoria produced.Love it! I use for microdosing.

  6. Dickson

    Very fun! Great happy trip with lots of fun visuals. I weigh about 220 lbs and usually need a good dose to trip, only needed about 3g with these for a nice journey. Fairly neutral taste as well.

  7. Holyshit

    A great experience full of laughter! Nothing overwhelming, and great body sensations with just 3.5g doses!! I would recommend
    tried the B+ Magic mushrooms for the first time. Would definitely get them again! Never disappointed!

  8. Ashley

    Very visual, had a pretty swell time. Ate the whole 3.5g for my first experience and had about a 5 hour trip. Spent the whole time staring at my wall tapestry of a tree, while it morphed and I thought about life. Completely positive experience. Loved it.

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