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4 reviews for LSD

  1. Vanjoss

    Taste great! First edible experience is awesome!! Ate 5mg every 1/2 hr for 2 hrs and now experiencing some longevity chill/come down. Great taste! Very interesting onset. Maybe bc first time eds but still , slow and forceful, like the ocean tide in calm conditions. But chills beautiful in recession. Great first experience, first timers take the min 5mg and literally give it 1.5-2hrs. It may be nuff. Enjoy!!

  2. Perry

    Work like a char!!It is very strong

  3. Harry

    Took 3 and nothing. Couple hours later i was oups! Very relaxing and has good taste,will purchase again!

  4. Lucy

    I really like these I chew 3@ bedtime & they help me fall asleep. If I do them during the day maybe get a little silly.Great!!

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