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11 reviews for GOLDEN TEACHER

  1. Paddy

    Says “low” strength on the package but trust me these things pack a punch!Awesome quality, will order again

  2. Pollin

    Great quality and lots of caps. Nice lookin shrooms will deffinetly order again,Excellent price, excellent quality. Certainly strong enough at 4g.

  3. Johnny vivid

    Legit as f*** guys, do not hesitate. 29g full off cap and it only took 2 day to arrive. Without mentioning the price that was less than what i paid in the street. Overall will order again hahaha

  4. Valise

    Fast shipping and good quality. Took 2.5g and had a great mellow time with friends overall great value.Will order again!

  5. Jake

    Just received my ounce of golden teachers in the mail
    This place 100% legit if you’re thinking of ordering you live in Canada and you like shrooms then it’s a no-brainer SW is your source! , I live in Ontario it took 2 days to arrive if they’re located in BC then that is some fast shipping IMO… I haven’t tried them yet but they look just like the ones I used to get back in the day, smells the same too
    Thank you so much ??

  6. carleton

    Holy holy holy, buckle up tight. Worth every penny, Fast delivery, awesome overall. Well done.Amazing company, great communication and the best prices you will find. This strain had me and everyone who tried it tripping straight balls. Thanks so much guys you got an awesome thing going! Already ordered again.

  7. Earnest

    his is a awaome strain thanks so much sw!! I will defently order these again. 🙂 super good shrooms i must say, they are amazing! Buddys right they say low stregnth but they are stronger than any ones i ever tried ( not complaining ) 🙂 xD my old dealer never hooked up the caps like u guys do!! 5 stars will order again <3 much love from ontario :’) <3

  8. Brandon

    Fast shipping, they hit hard for a low dosage. Had a crazy time with them.If these are low dosage I’m half scared to see what the other species has to offer, WOW, ya ll made a lifetime customer ??

  9. Graig

    Some of the best Golden Teachers I’ve had.

    One time I got these beautiful stout penis-like ones that were dried to blackness in many spots that have such an amazing potency that I’ve gotten a lot of uses from them and still have a few left that I’m cherishing.

    I’ve ordered from Shroom World many times over the last while and all my orders have been excellent and the staff have been very helpful.

    I just want to thank the growers and the whole team from the bottom of my heart. My health has improved noticeably to myself and others around me over the last while and I really feel and believe that the excellent shrooms I’ve been getting have played a significant role. And I’ve been having some of the greatest times of my life lately that I will remember for the rest of my life. Thanks to the whole shroom world network for helping make this possible and affordable, you’re doing wonders for my

  10. Brian

    I have taken shrooms many many times. But I took a year break, and ended it tripping on these. I took 2.5 grams and WOW. I tripped hard, nearly equivalent to when I took 5 grams of GT from a different seller. These are surprisingly potent, even though they say “low” strength. I am now feeling a little intimidated by the “high” strength penis envy shrooms I also bought.

  11. Ferddy

    he package is sealed perfectly, they ship the item very fast, and across Canada, come from B.C. to Montreal in literally two days. Marry me, please ?
    All the shrooms looked good from cap to bottom.

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