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5 reviews for Pure One

  1. Kross

    The best thing Ever. Clean no fuss. The best thing is my wife let’s me use in the house!! I received my order yesterday

  2. Mars

    This delivery system is almost as excellent as the vapor itself! Was at the Peak 6 hours after taking….plan well; great product

  3. Chessie

    Taste great! First edible experience is awesome!! Ate 5mg every 1/2 hr for 2 hrs and now experiencing some longevity chill/come down. Great taste! Very interesting onset. Maybe bc first time eds but still , slow and forceful, like the ocean tide in calm conditions. But chills beautiful in recession. Great first experience, first timers take the min 5mg and literally give it 1.5-2hrs. It may be nuff. Enjoy!!

  4. Stanley

    10 MG SATIVA I have multiple sclerosis. This has been good for me when I’m in pain and fatigued but need to get out to work or make doctor’s appointments. I find that 1/2 of a 10 mg dose energizes me, helps me to think more clearly and relieves some chronic nerve pain enough to do my day and not be high. The fact that it’s an edible makes it discreet. I do tend to talk a little too much but that’s better than not being able to talk enough. With that small of a dose it;s easy for me to be aware of being chatty and able to control it. I do find with the edibles the effect can be variable.

  5. One Direct

    Great potency. Powerful. Great vapor production. Pod can be refilled with your own whole plant extract, distillate or ejuice.

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