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Buy Panama Red online. Panama Red is best described as an old-school cannabis classic, buy weed using bitcoin. Panama red, known as Panamanian red, or P.R. is a pure cultivar of Cannabis sativa, popular among cannabis users of the 1960s and 1970s, and renowned for its potency, buy marijuana online. The typically high THC levels associated with the variety are thought to be dependent on the particular cultivar, rather than the Panamanian climate, Buy weed using credit card.

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6 reviews for Panama Red

  1. Hellen

    Used this on first time ever smoking weed, very very very relaxing experience, feels like your walking around in a moving bed

  2. Leonardo

    Awesome strain. Gives you a perfect balanced Sativa high. A word on the article though, it’s from Colombia , not columbia.

  3. Ronaldo

    Great sativa strain, definitely a go do something type of high, easy on the lungs, great for anxiety!

  4. Stanza

    Awesome, this haze I must elaberate. Creeps up on you like yin n yang .😃😍🎆 Unique.. a special strain. Wonderful sativa-like effects.

  5. UGO

    Excelente sativa, deals with fatigue and nausea very well. it does not make hungry, and keeps you focused and energized for at least two hours. Great pain muscle reliever. I am not a fan of pure Sativa but this one is a keeper. Great mood enhancer.

  6. Tony

    I have only seen this strain sold as a sativa. It works great in relieving pain and clearing the mind from stress and negative thoughts. It provides an energetic feeling and increases awareness and creativity. It doesn’t seem to increase your appetite unless you were already hungry when you smoked it.

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