Silver Haze

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Buy Moonrocks Online. Silver Haze delivers the full-strength Haze experience in a fatter, faster, more compact form. Crossing Haze with Northern Lights, Silver Haze maintains strong but clear-headed effects. Introduced by Sensi Seeds, Silver Haze gets its name from the massive amount of shiny THC glands covering the buds, Buy cannabis online. Silver Haze cannabis strain is a 90/10 Sativa dominant hybrid by Sensi Seeds with a high THC range of 20-24{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Buy marijuana online. THC glands are deeply shiny and long with a pepper silhouette. Colours are bright green with golden and amber flecks beneath amber hairs, Buy weed online. The aroma and flavour are pungent pine and earthy sweetness. It can treat depression, stress, pain and anxiety, Buy kush online. Superb for daytime usage, buy Silver Haze online.


Feelings: Happy 63{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Uplifted 52{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Euphoric 51{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Relaxed 41{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Creative 38{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}.

Helps With: Stress 35{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Depression 25{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Anxiety 23{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Pain 21{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Lack of appetite 11{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}

Negatives: Dry mouth 38{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Dry Eyes 21{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9},  Dizzy 10{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Paranoid 9{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Headache 8{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}.


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7 reviews for Silver Haze

  1. Bob

    For those who think that Sativa’s have no legs or kick ass effects this will surprise you as it did me. I like Sativa during the day so I can function but I didn’t take into account the staggering 25% THC. A definite night time bud.

  2. Zitate

    Love it! My favorite sativa so far. Tasty and pleasent energetic creative high. Awesome wake and bake.

  3. Rawlings

    Had her for the first and only time in Amsterdam. Been chasing the dragon ever since. Luckily I live in a recreational use state so I can easily search for strains to give me what old school haze did. Found some strains that are close but never as good or as long lasting.

  4. Hassan

    Good morning strain, focused and uplifted, sparks creativity. Its a good daytime strain, gives you a clean cerebral feeling, good for anxiety, bought this in shatter form and its awesome tasting

  5. Nathan

    Silver Haze is a 100% Sativa Strain. It tastes very citrusy. The smoke is thick and billowing. Silver Haze is a great wake up strain. It is potent and euphoric. I think the Original Haze helps increase the THC up to 26%. That is good. It is a very good strain. The fairly tightly wound buds resemble an Indica Strain. Silver Haze is actually a very relaxing strain. It is a good choice for daytime. Pick some up and enjoy it.

  6. Claudia Niki

    Writing this 5/4/17. Great quality sativa cured well. One of the finest sativas in the area at the moment, so if a cerebral high is your desire this will satisfy 100%

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