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Buy Blue Moon rocks Online . cannabis strain is a Indica dominant hybrid, Buy marijuana discretely. It grows easily for novice and veteran growing, producing lavender scented buds that are soaked in trichomes, Buy Marijuana online. THC levels are high at 24{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9} so new tokers should take it easy, Buy skywalker in usa. This strain can treat sleeplessness, nervous disorders, stress, and pain. Blue Moon rocks cannabis strain is best for evening usage.

Type of High

Buy Blue Moon rocks Online cannabis strain’s high causes a warming relaxation and lifted euphoria that can result in giggles and possibly open the door to creativity before it drops off into a deeper state of calm.
The Moon Rocks cannabis is a must-have for every marijuana connoisseur. Made from the buds of Girl Scout Cookies and kief, these cannabis nuggets provide an unforgettable psychedelic experience.

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6 reviews for Buy Moon Rocks in usa

  1. Sylvester

    I’ve been growing this baby for the first time this year, I did prepare several month before under 16 hour lamp from January till end of march before let her breed the outdoor. I did put her in a 500 L pot which make a hell of a difference coming to pot size. I’m 10 days max away from harvest and she look like a beast. Approx 1kg plant Product used: Vegetation stage – THC down – Organic Grow – Root stimulator Flowering stage, Top Crop Brand: – Top crop Candy – Top crop Bloom – Master Bloom Spray twice with concentrate Cordalene anti caterpillar. Pace

  2. Fabian

    such a nice name for such a killer strain. It wont take much of this to put u on your ass. I highly recommend, and if u are gonna vape take no more then 3 puffs thats all u will need

  3. Sylvia

    I have grown this strain for 7 years now. Outdoor in central cali. These plants can get hella tall depending on pot size. Mine are in 10 gallon and are 8 feet or better from the ground to top. I bend the tops to create a canopy and tie the limbs down to grow more cola’s. Good luck with all your grows and peace!

  4. Tudia

    Dry, orderless, flavorless and weak flower bought from Grow Gods. This is my favorite strain but what I got from 420 wasn’t what looks, smells, taste and feels like. Bad product and no resolution due to payment methods. Be careful.

  5. Flavian

    Ahh,when transformed into Girl scout cookies . My favourite strain, i could never be tired of smoking this flower. My review will go easy and simple. this strain its a must try, not for my hype, but because it lives by its name. If someone offers you GSC, dont argue or hesitate, just go for it. The smell is craving as hell, the buds look astonishing, green and orange tones with frosty leaves. the taste is delicious with mint flavored tones and cookie, the effects are a perfect balance between relaxation and euphoria. so you have a flower with a big name, looks amazing, smells amazing, tastes amazing and leaves you in space like no other strain. Dont miss it. Green seal of approval? of course with a must-try title in it.

  6. Tania k33

    Girl Scout Cookies is medicine. Anxiety, nausea & depression are all common afflictions I deal with, but every single time I need relief Girl Scout Cookies has NEVER let me down. I can’t recall trying any other strains that have the theraputic properties of this one. In my humble opinion, the perfect hybrid. 5/5 every time.

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