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Buy Marijuana online .  has been characterized as smelling of fresh peeled lemon slices with a similar taste. Its buds appear to be green and yellow with amber hairs on the trichomes, giving it the yellow tint , .Lemon Haze cannabis strain is a California native, 70/30 Sativa dominant hybrid, . This weed has high THC and low CBD levels, contributing to high potency and psychedelic properties. Lemon Haze marijuana is not recommended for beginners, Buy weed with bitcoin . The plants produce lime green buds completely drenched in trichomes , buy Lemon Haze  . The nugs have an invigorating lemon smell and flavor. Lemon Haze cannabis can be mostly found in Southern California. This kush is good for morning and daytime recreational and medical use, Mail order marijuana in usa.

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Buy Lemon Haze Online marijuana strain induces uplifting cerebral euphoria followed by couch-lock. Boosts energy, prompts giggles and social interactions. Relieves stress, alleviates depression and nausea, has moderate analgesic properties, stimulates appetite.

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7 reviews for buy Lemon Haze

  1. Elvis

    This strain hits me quickly. I enjoy the body buzz and euphoric feels while I’m just chilling out or getting things done.

  2. Danny

    Love the mess and flavor of this flower. 1st time trying it from The Highest Shelf and really love it. Smokes and taste really good, love the upbeat feeling! Highly recommend if you like lemon!! This is the 2nd strain i’ve received from these guys. I was in LA last year and went to a dispensary and I was very disappointing after smoking, it was harsh, burned my throat. Both times The Highest Shelf has delivered amazing flower that smokes and taste amazing!.1 for Chicago 0 for LA!

  3. Anita

    Good strain with smell and flavor. The high was good fast approaching but my high lasted about 30 mins or so which I’m not sure what short is. Good bud def will enjoy the oz I have in bongs and joints. Grab you some when you can

  4. Sally

    I feel the same way they do on the video. Very good high. Very smooth. Nice citrus taste. A+. I have chronic back pain, this strain relaxes me and I can get some sleep at night. works well for pain has a good taste and aroma. would recommend to people who want relax and good nights sleep.

  5. Evaristus

    Lemon Hazer is one of the few strains that will relax me. Severe chronic insomnia keeps me hunting for a strain that will put me to sleep. This strain does relax me, though, like a good Indica. I keep it on hand for an early evening dose. Smell and appearance are great. Good also for pain relief and depression.

  6. Daisy

    This stuff smells so good!!! Love the head high. This strain punches above it’s weight. Good strain for relieving stress and relaxing, very good tasting and smelling strain with lemonine flavor. Suffer from really extreme anxiety and depression..Lemon Hazer works great to treat it all. Makes you talkie and gives you energy in the biggining then mellows out to a great body buzz. Really like the taste and high of this Hazer strain. Picked up some really good at Reef in sparks.

  7. Giffy Kruss

    Great strain for depression and stress. Got me really high in a matter of minutes and all depression was forgotten about. Made me really giddy too to the point I couldn’t laugh anymore. The medicinal clinic I go to had this listed under Indica not hybrid but it didn’t make me sleepy at all or have much indica effect rather the opposite more on the sativa side and energetic.

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