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Buy Jack Herer Cannabis Online .  is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that has gained as much renown as its namesake, the marijuana activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Buy weed discretely. Combining a Haze hybrid with a Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk cross, Sensi Seeds created Jack Herer hoping to capture both cerebral elevation and heavy resin production, Buy weed online. Its rich genetic background gives rise to several different variations of Jack Herer, each phenotype bearing its own unique features and effects. However, consumers typically describe this 55{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9} sativa hybrid as blissful, clear-headed, and creative, Buy weed with bitcoin .

Jack Herer was created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s, where it was later distributed by Dutch pharmacies as a recognized medical-grade strain. Since then, this spicy, pine-scented strain has taken home numerous awards for its quality and potency. Many breeders have attempted to cultivate this staple strain themselves in sunny or Mediterranean climates, and indoor growers should wait 50 to 70 days for Jack Herer to flower.

Jack Herer cannabis strain by Pure Vida Seeds is a Sativa dominant hybrid with up to 20{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9} THC. This plant can reach up to 3.5 meters outdoors and contains exotic, sour flavour. Jaco Herer cannabis strain is suitable for daytime usage.

Type Of High

Jack Herer Cannabis Strain’s High Has Pleasing Cerebral Effects That Sativa Lovers Will Widen Their Eyes At. First, Your Mind Will Feel Sharpened Focus And Creativity Before Waning Into A Hazy Energy.

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9 reviews for Jack Herer

  1. Charles

    Great package am enjoying it at home.

  2. Van

    Thanks for my order

  3. Sophia

    The hype is real from what you hear about this strain. Its very medicinal and fruity tasting, lovely. I feel endorphins release when I smoke this! Only a few strains do that for me. San Fernando Valley Og is pretty close.

  4. Falon

    5 stars or even 10 out of 10, smell, taste and high, what more can you ask for!! Lots of energy and no anxiety or racing brain, a perfect sativa dominant hybrid. Did I mention great taste and smell…indeed I did, love this strain!!

  5. Phillip

    Dang! This is it! I have some serious psych issues, including BP type 1, BPD, and PTSD. This is the med for me. Chills my head, quills depression, and rapid thinking, with a clear head, with some energizing effects. During a episode, I went and smoked Jack, came back, and my wife immediately said, go back to the dispensary and get more. So, I did. Definitely my go to for my mental issues. 😎🍭🌱

  6. Faraway

    First time I went to Amsterdam Jack was the cannibis cup winner that I really wanted to try..It’s great for wandering the funky city and chilling socially..It builds gradually, and after three or four hits I feel happy… But if you do smoke too much, taking too many big bong hits… It can give you a sense of paranoia… As some sativas can..It’s truly a classic from the 90s.. The greenhouse is where I first smoked it..Wonderful 😁

  7. Nominster

    jack herer is the best strain I have tried in Illinois. To me, it has everything, a great smell, great taste, and most of all a great high. It does not put me to sleep and makes me feel creative, giving me those profound revelations as good as a sativa can.

  8. Dominic

    Great morning buzz. Sweet flavor. A top shelf strain for sure. Excellent mellow calming smooth cerebral high. Can focus as well as converse. One of my favorites.

  9. Franklin

    Ive noticed something with people who leave bad reviews. They either got lied to and bought dirt weed, or they are basically jealous they cant or haven’t had it. This is not 100% true, but happens a lot more than not. There is no way someone could smoke this strain and others and possibly need a lot to get high. Someone sold them dirt weed, I would wager. Jack H is an excellent strain. Some people may not like the smell or flavor. But the effects cant be denied. Weed is not weed. Lineages matter. You cant get seeds from a subpar plant and grow premium bud. Premium creates premium. Dirt weed creates more dirt weed

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