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Buy Holy Grail Cannabis Strain Online by DNA Genetics is a slightly Indica leaning hybrid that has won many awards and has a THC range of 18-22{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Order weed in usa. Holy Grail buds are huge and dense with green and brown hues that sometimes carry a blue tint, Buy weed with bitcoin. When smoked they taste of sweet earth and pine, with the aroma taking on a strongly spiced kush and citrus, Buy marijuana in europe. It can treat pain, insomnia, nausea, and stress. Holy Grail is good for evening and daytime usage.

Type of High

Buy Holy Grail Cannabis Strain Online induces an upbeat cerebral high that is complemented by a smooth and relaxing buzz with creative tendencies. This eventually drifts off to peaceful sleep. May cause paranoia and dizziness.


Genetics: Holy Grail cannabis strain is a cross between OG#18 and Kosher Kush cannabis strains.

Holy Grail Kush is a newer strain created by seed breeders DNA Genetics and Reserve a Privada Colorado. It entered into the Seed Company Hybrids category at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup. As the offspring of multi-award winners OG #18 and Kosher Kush, it’s no surprise that Holy Grail Kush came out on top and is said to have nabbed the competition’s first-ever perfect score. The plants are easy to grow, with large, dense buds appearing at 9 to 10 weeks. Most of Holy Grail Kush’s praise centers around its potency, but this strain produces a more mellow relaxation than the melt-your-face-off sensation the name might suggest. The aroma of this plant is pure kush and has a strong spicy citrus smell, both while growing and once harvested, that is uniquely complex.


Feelings: Relaxed 70{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Happy 62{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Euphoric 53{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Uplifted 45{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Creative 31{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}.
Helps with: Stress 40{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Pain 35{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Anxiety 31{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Depression 30{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Insomnia 23{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}.
Negatives: Dry mouth 29{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Dry eyes 16{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Dizzy 8{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Anxious 3{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}, Paranoid 2{8e8471c9993bb3f4cd1e5d98ae6e467e3309f48377fbe31e4cc420d176c89ad9}.

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8 reviews for Holy Grail

  1. Crazybud

    Love this strain. Puts Covid 19 on the back burner right quick! Not as strong in flavour as I expected, but definitely feel the high almost immediately. Nice happy, relaxed in mind and body high. Going on the list of will get again.

  2. Ally

    Nice dense fog and numerous munchie trips to the kitchen in between serious couch lock. Youngstown Ohio says all hail the King! Decent for insomniacs. Mostly a night time weed. Don’t waste this during the day.

  3. Yvette

    A very nice indica used just before and after dinner for me…mine was from Redecan in Niagara ,Ontario and came in at usual 22.6%.. a nice smooth pleasant smoke that leads me into my hard indicas for sleep….altho i must admit this strain has been used as a sleep aid when needed it just may take a little longer….main asset to this strain over other after dinner indicas is that feeling of overall contentment with self and life in general !

  4. Sollah

    Damn bro, this stuff is insane, have extreme chronic foot pain, and I can’t even feel these mofos. This is one potent strain. Tastes sooooooooo good. A profoundly intense deep stoning. Highly (lol) recommend! Within a few tokes… My stress and depression went up in a puff of smoke. Don’t let the lack of dank smell in the sack fool you….. This is gold. Great evening relaxation.

  5. Rachid

    This is a real good body buzz.Peaceful but not heavy cush.Right side of the brain euphoric.Social sativa with locked body. Seriously the best euphoric strain I’ve had. The description is spot on with feeling like going to heaven. Really hard to find in my area with dispensaries and have only seen it once, and have been hunting it ever since.

  6. Tanko

    Contradictory to one other comment : Real God HG is severely dank, uplifting drifting to couch lock and ,though their small buds are potent, they grow a nice size nug. Resistant to disease and can take strong nutrients solutions.

  7. Dangot

    Great! So much good information. Thank you! Wish there were local dispensers a place like yours would certainly be welcome down here in Florida where the world is not legal. The forthrightness, straightforward way considering and especially the product reviews as they are done, are so useful to those of us that have to be legally without, and don’t know the world of strains. Very helpful information, but more is the way you do it that makes it so easily accessible. Can’t thank you enough.

  8. Remirus

    wow it is as holly as HG itself ! lol well almost its great though. I suffer from PTSD and other conditions. This works very well for my needs. Im grateful for this strain. Was handed some Holy Grail seed by a close growfriend he didn’t know much about it you guys gave the best information we found so far thanks

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