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Buy Columbian Gold Online. Colombian Gold is a Sativa landrace cultivar, created in the Santa Marta Mountains of Colombia. Buy kush online  Through generations of inbreeding by local growers, Colombian Gold became one of the most stable cannabis strains on the market. Buy cannabis online Colombian Gold is a Sativa landrace cultivar, created in the Santa Marta Mountains of Colombia. Buy marijuana in the UK.

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6 reviews for Columbian Gold

  1. Landrine

    If you can still find the true Columbian Gold landrace strain it will be one of the best if not the best high youve ever had. Easily the best cannabis of the 70s next to Panama Redbud.

  2. Morgan

    First smoked this in 1977 when I could buy it a fulll ounce at a time. Of course that was leaf, but still it was everything I wanted in weed. Still my #1. Fast forward to 3 or 4 years ago when I found buds in Bend. Still have some vacuum sealed in reserve. Would love e to smoke kit but may not see again at least in the outpost known as Central Oregon. A great sex weed along with all other positive qualities here listed.

  3. Arison

    I’ve had the Columbian Gold of the 70’s. Back in the day, it was the best I’ve ever had (lots of giggles). Finally I got an 1/8th of the modern day Columbian Gold. The modern CG was a greener color than the 70’s CG. The smoke was smooth tasting and the high is cerebral and clear. CG provided me with deep, happy thoughts like I haven’t had in years. Highly recommended for tension when you want to get laid back and relaxed. One of my very favorite strains.This strain will send you into deep thought, hard to explain.

  4. Sergio

    One of my favorite wake up strains. Full clarity, energy and focus. This strain I have the best cannabis experience of my life. A friend of mine came over and rolled a pinner (a thin joint) and between the two of us we got three hits each. The high was the best I’ve ever experienced. We laughed and laughed. Definitely a Sativa, it uplifts your mind and puts you in a pleasant, relaxed 😎 place. Very nice 👍🏽

  5. Erico

    Super Nice Friend grew = absolutely delicious with focused clarity and ambition to indulge more💥💥💥💥💥 Thanks for the delivery in time guys!!

  6. Laela

    I have had a much different experience than others with this strain. However, this could be due to the fact I ingest this strain as a capsule in the morning. It helps symptoms of ADHD, allows me to focus while not becoming overly introspective. I feel motivated to complete tasks, I have more energy and I feel an improvement in mood. Unlike some sativa strains, Columbian Gold does not make me anxious or jittery.

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